I can still remember the childhood memory of seeing my mother standing in the kitchen heat, wiping sweat off her brow as she made hot, simple, but delicious boiled rice-noodle soup for her children. Mixed with minced pork and gravy, the pure rice-noodle soup represented my mother's strong love of her children. Xiang Yi Rice Noodles continues this pure commitment, providing the most traditional Taiwanese flavor, and a dedication to integrity and consistency.

In 1982, Xiang Yi Rice Noodles was founded by Lin, Ming-Sing and his spouse Li, Ciou-Sia. In order to serve healthy, natural, and local Taiwanese rice noodles, Xiang Yi selects the best Indica Rice, and minces it with corn starch and wheat starch to attain the perfect mix. We apply stringent quality control checks throughout the entire production process. No fermentation or bleach is used. We bring our customers tender and delicious Rice Noodles. An unremitting commitment to healthy and delicious products is our company philosophy.

We are continuing to refine our method. Thanks to the professional assistance from the Rice Making and Production Group, Farmer’s Association of Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, it is our privilege to receive the Shennong Award, which represents the highest honor of agriculture in Taiwan. We have earned our reputation through hard work, and we are thankful to be recognized by all parties. Furthermore, we are proud to promote Taiwan's classical local food to America, Japan, and other countries.

Only the relentless pursuit of perfection can bring forth award-winning cuisine. Xiang Yi Rice Noodles proudly presents our noodles, a nostalgic flavor from an old memory, a taste of passion and affection. Xiang Yi Rice Noodles, this is what Taiwan local food is truly made of.